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It is often said that the simplest ideas are the best and FuelActive® definitely fits this criteria. The FuelActive® concept was initially born in 1998 by Mike James and developed in conjunction with local Universities in Wales and funding from the Welsh Assembly Government.

Industry figures show that approx 85% of breakdowns in the UK Construction Industry are related to fuel contamination. Mike James who has 30 years experience in Equipment Repair and Maintenance decided to take a closer look at the problem.

“Water and Sediment contamination of Diesel is a Fact of Life”, diesel fuel is a complex product; its primary use is as a fuel, however, its other functions are for lubricating and cooling the fuel injection equipment.

Traditional systems draw fuel from the bottom of the tank and due to their higher density, the water and contaminants will collect at the bottom of the tank, the fuel is drawn from the tank and then treated to remove water and filter the fuel; whatever type of system is fitted there will be a number of drawbacks such as a limited capacity that will require regular monitoring and servicing.

The FuelActive® fuel delivery system works by using a float to track the level of fuel in the tank. Drawing fuel from the upper limit of the fuel ensures that the throughput of water and contaminants is reduced by more than 300%, allowing the equipment to run for longer periods.

The FuelActive® fuel delivery system has been thoroughly tested in the field and independent testing by a TS16949 registered Filter Company.

The FuelActive® fuel delivery system has been fitted by Hydrainer Pumps since October 2002 and Chairman Jeff A. Barden quoted “Extensive testing has indicated that the benefits of installing the FuelActive® fuel delivery system has given us significant improvements in reliability.”

The FuelActive® fuel delivery system has since been retro-fitted to a wide variety of equipment and machines from Generators, Water Pumps, Trucks and Boats.

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