Fitting the FuelActive® Fuel Delivery System will give a number of short term and long term benefits:-

Short term Benefits

  • Reduction in Breakdowns:

    - it has been shown that machines fitted the FuelActiveŽ Fuel Delivery System have run for longer intervals between filter changes.

  • Improvements in safety:

    - Reduction in travel by engineers will give reduction in travel and work related incidents on site.

  • Reduction in Emissions:

    - reduction in breakdowns will reduce the number of engineers travelling to site to repair equipment.

Long Term benefits

  • Reduction in Emissions:

    - damage to Injectors and Pumps reduced, injector wear or damage can give a significant increase in engine emissions.

  • Engine Performance:

    - maintaining the Injection Pump and Injectors in prime condition will help maintain engine performance

  • Improve Fuel Economy:

    - maintaining the engine performance will help achieve consistent fuel economy.

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