Optimising engine performance for Amcanu

Simple design, significant results



Fuel contamination is the most common cause of reliability issues for diesel pumps and generators so Amcanu partnered with FuelActive® to develop an integrated fuel management solution for their enclosures to maintain the optimum performance of industrial equipment.

Amcanu specialise in building world-class industrial enclosures and technology cabinets, designed for effective sound attenuation and to maintain optimum performance of technology, pumps, compressors and generators.

Below are some of the ways FuelActive® prevents potential problems:
Eradicates fuel-related breakdowns
The FuelActive® fuel delivery system reduces equipment failures by up to 85%. Even temporary breakdowns cause operational delays – preventing workers performing their tasks and resulting in unpredictable downtime, project delays and/or increased costs.

Optimum Engine Performance
Diesel is used to lubricate and cool fuel system components. The FuelActive® system significantly reduces wear from abrasive particles – maintaining the integrity of parts as well as maintaining the optimum power and efficiency of the engine.

Improved Fuel Economy & Emissions
Injectors atomise fuel at high pressures to ensure fuel is burnt cleanly. Fuel containing sediment can damage injectors – causing inefficient atomisation which then results in sub-optimal engine performance, wasted fuel and increased CO2 emissions.

Reduced Whole-Life Cost
When compared against the additional costs of servicing, maintenance, downtime and the gradual loss of performance or fuel efficiency – the cost of the FuelActive® intake system is insignificant.

Client quote:

“We first started working with FuelActive® through a connection with a mutual customer – Hydrainer Pumps. Building on Hydrainer’s relationship with FuelActive®, we were able to design an enclosure that actively eliminated machine breakdown due to dirty fuel. We realised this was something all our customers could benefit from… now all our enclosures exclusively use FuelActive®’s intake system – designed to actively eliminate machine breakdown due to dirty fuel. We’re now utilising a larger percentage of the capacity of the fuel tank, so that engines continue to operate for longer between refuelling.

The team at FuelActive® have proven themselves to be invaluable not only in terms of producing an outstanding product, but also in terms of customer service.”

(Owain Davies, MD, Amcanu)