Reducing breakdown call outs for Groundhog

Simple design, significant results

Here at FuelActive® we pride ourselves on our proven track record of minimising issues pertaining to fuel contamination.  By utilising FuelActive®, Groundhog have felt the real benefit of keeping their welfare units free of contamination problems.


Groundhog are the world’s leading mobile and static welfare accommodation manufacturer.  They were probably the first company to recognise that a mobile unit was needed to meet Health & Safety at Work Welfare Regulation.


Client quote:

“Having worked with FuelActive® since 2006 we can vouch that they operate with a high level of professionalism and have an approachable team. Since recognising the many benefits, we now fit FuelActive® as standard on all our mobile and static welfare units. In doing so we have received positive feedback from our customers as a result of them having reduced breakdown call outs due to fuel contamination. This has enhanced our product to be the most reliable welfare unit in the market”

Dennis Hughes, MD, Groundhog