Improving fuel efficiency for Racanaa

Simple design, significant results

For any business, working to maximum efficiency has to be a primary aim. We all want to make the very most of what we can achieve and that is certainly true as to fuel consumption.


In working with Racanaa and their engine systems we at FuelActive wanted to ensure that fuel contamination was being properly prevented. When contaminated fuel is propagated into fuel lines and then fed into the engines, this causes an inefficiency in fuel being burned.

There are many possible causes for contamination which can include poor maintenance and even wilful neglect e.g. topping up fuel levels with water. In this instance however, with the machines based in India, it was a moisture laden atmosphere which was serving to contaminate the fuel.

Contaminated fuel also causes damage to fuel injectors. Their spraying pattern is infringed preventing them from burning fuel with maximum efficiency. Avoiding damage to the injectors allows them to maintain their efficiency and the fuel economy of the machine does not degrade so rapidly over time.


Client quote:

“We have found installing FuelActive decreases the litres per hour [of diesel] consumed by our customers’ generators. Firstly because the fuel filters are remaining clear for considerably longer periods therefore the engine is not required to work so hard to pull the diesel through the system. Secondly; as pure diesel is a better fuel source compared to contaminated fuel, burning cleaner diesel naturally gives greater fuel economy. These points have resulted in a fuel consumption saving.”

Peter Brown, Chairman of Racanaa