The British Army – Spartan Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle

Company: The British Army
Industry: Miliary


The British Army’s Armoured Trials and Development Unit develops systems for armoured military platforms and seeks out new potential systems. The army asked if the FuelActive fuel pick-up unit could enhance the reliability and effectiveness of a British Army vehicle in a field situation.


The ATDU conducted a two-phase trial with its CVR(T) Spartan Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle. First, it sent the vehicle on a 1,000-kilometer battlefield mission at Bovington. Four fuel samples taken afterward showed water and sediment in the fuel lines. Then it fitted the Spartan with FuelActive fuel pick-up units and repeated the mission. The fuel lines remained free of water or sediment. Plus, there was no noticeable increase in fuel-line pressure.


The ATDU multi-phase trial found no water or sediment in the fuel filters, fuel pumps or injectors. Burning the cleanest possible diesel fuel increased the economy, efficiency of the engine.
The British Army’s Armoured Trials and Development Unit found that the lifespan of fuel-related components significantly increased.

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