Only the Cleanest Diesel Fuel in the Tank is Presented to Injectors

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FuelActive – Run Clean


FuelActive – Contamination Elimination

Burning Clean Fuel Allows Diesel Engines to Perform At Manufacturer Rated Performance Levels For Longer, Which Means That Businesses Have Certainty in Operation and Equipment Life.

Benefits of fitting FuelActive®

Only the Cleanest Diesel Fuel in the Tank is Presented to Injectors

Construction / Mining

FuelActive® prevents damage to expensive components including fuel injectors and pumps. The extended lifespan of components such as fuel filters indicate the improvement in fuel quality being delivered to fuel lines.


With increasing fuel costs and decreasing margins it is imperative that vehicles are kept on the road and returning the maximum miles per gallon performance possible.


The occurrence of breakdowns during military operations can have fatal consequences. We believe using FuelActive® will bring a new level of reliability to military operations.

Power generation

FuelActive delivers cleaner fuel. The integrity of fuel line components is therefore protected and the lifespan of machinery is extended. Cleaner fuel essentially benefits power generation companies with huge bottom line savings.


Due to the high importance of contamination control in the marine sector the FuelActive® fuel pick-up unit has become a valuable component in marine vessels.


Agricultural machinery is vital in harvesting crops within a timeline, using FuelActive® is proven to increase machinery reliability and avoid untimely breakdowns.


“92% cleaner diesel delivered compared to the conventional fuel pick-up system”
Sogefi Filters Independent Testing


“Zero Fuel contamination issues since installing FuelActive”

60 mins

Fitting can be completed within 60 minutes in most instances

Case studies:

For any business, working to maximum efficiency has to be a primary aim. Read some of our case studies here.

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"The FuelActive fuel pick-up unit delivers fuel that is 92% cleaner compared to the conventional fuel pick-up system"

Sogefi Filters independent testing

"The water / diesel separation efficiency of the FuelActive system exceeded 94% in comparison to the 2.3% of the conventional system."

Sogefi Filters independent testing

"After due consideration we have decided FuelActive® will be a significant value added not only to our end customers but to our service and the cases where we are accountable for the maintenance and repair of the vehicles on behalf of our customers."

Steven G Foster, Managing Director, Sinotruk (Malaysia)

"Due to the enhanced integrity and reliability of the supply of diesel to the engine when we fitted and tested FuelActive®, Griffon Hoverwork will now be fitting the Fuel Active system in all their medium and large size overseas based craft"

Paul Irvine, Design Team Leader, Griffon Hoverwork
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