About Us

Committed to offering the best fuel contamination technology

The FuelActive fuel pick-up unit is a comprehensive solution to the global problem of fuel contamination. It is our goal for FuelActive to become the industry-standard method of delivering clean fuel to the engine.

The Importance of Clean Fuel

The story of FuelActive® began in 1998 through the vision of our founder Mike James. An engineer by trade, Mike has worked for over 40 years in equipment repair and maintenance. He witnessed first-hand the huge impact breakdowns were having on the UK Construction Industry – 85% of which are caused by fuel contamination.

The ‘light bulb moment’ and realisation of the FuelActive concept came about while Mike was working in conjunction with Hydrainer Pumps. A major new customer at the time, Hydrainer had experienced equipment failure after just 10 minutes from delivery to the site.

Citing fuel contamination to be the culprit, Mike created a prototype fuel pick-up. Hydrainer Pumps were keen to try it and installed the FuelActive® unit. As a result, Mike produced a number more, all were installed, making subtle changes to become easier to manufacture and install.

This initial unit proved highly successful and more in-depth trials were arranged for further testing. After an extensive period of research and development – FuelActive® was born.

Our Story of Growth

Fast forward 23 years and FuelActive now operates on 6 continents supplying some of the leading players in construction, mining, pumps, power generation and agriculture.

Our Worldwide footprint continues to grow. We have distributor coverage across Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Australia and North America. All supported by our HQ operations in Cardiff.

As we grow to support our customers such as Komatsu, Caterpillar, Terex, as does our range. As a result, we now carry stock of a number of top and bottom feed units and have the ability to fabricate bespoke solutions.

Our Technology Centre

Our latest investment at our HQ in Cardiff is a state of the art technology centre. A clean environment designed to support our engineers as we look to future development to support the fight against fuel contamination.

You can find out more about out our unique solution to fuel contamination here.