About Us

It is said that the simplest ideas are often the best and FuelActive® definitely fits this criteria.

Simple design, significant results

FuelActive® is committed to offering the best technology, the best service and the best value. This is our corporate quality policy.

We believe the FuelActive® fuel pick-up unit is a comprehensive solution to the global problem of fuel contamination. It is our goal for FuelActive® to become the industry standard method of delivering fuel from fuel tanks.

Our mission of total customer satisfaction drives FuelActive Ltd to be the best at what we do.

Our Story

The story of FuelActive® began in 1998 through the vision of our founder Mike James. Mike is an engineer who has worked for over 30 years in equipment repair and maintenance, witnessing first-hand the huge impact breakdowns are having on the UK Construction Industry – 85% of which are caused by fuel contamination.

The ‘light bulb moment’ which was to foreshadow FuelActive® came about while Mike was working in conjunction with Hydrainer Pumps. A major new customer with whom they had dedicated much time and energy had experienced equipment failure after just 10 minutes from delivery to the site. We now know that fuel contamination was the culprit but people would simply blame the quality of fuel on site. Unfortunately equipment failure of this kind had become a regular occurrence and a solution needed to be sought.

Mike then went about engineering a possible solution, going through a number of iterations before finally completing a possible working prototype. Hydrainer Pumps were keen to try it and installed the FuelActive® unit. Mike produced a number more, all were installed, making subtle changes so as to become easier to manufacture and install.

This initial unit proved highly successful and more in-depth trials were arranged for further testing. An extensive period of research and development followed in conjunction with local Universities and with funding support from local Government. FuelActive® was born.

Following subsequent investment from Adjuvo, the company is now well positioned to realise its full potential. The Board has been strengthened through the appointment of Mark Foster-Brown, Lieutenant General Tim Evans, Andy Milnes and David Lindsay as Finance Director.

Mark Foster-Brown

Mark Foster-Brown has over 30 years experience in Financial Services, having been a Board member of Morgan Grenfell & Co and a Managing Director of Deutsche Bank AG. In 2004 he and several colleagues established Altima Partners LLP which became a significant asset management business specialising in developing markets. In 2014 he co-founded Adjuvo Networks Ltd which introduces investors and expertise to early stage companies.

Lieutenant General Tim Evans, CB, CBE, DSO

Tim Evans served for 34 years in the British Army and is an experienced main board executive with a track record in international leadership, implementing and leading strategic change, risk management and operational delivery in crisis management in high-risk environments worldwide, including operations in Africa, Middle East, and Afghanistan – involving counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, and stabilisation operations.

David Lindsay FCA

David is Chartered Accountant who trained with Coopers and Lybrand. He spent twelve years as the CFO of the Helphire Group where he was part of a close knit team which floated the company and grew the business to a market capitalisation of just under £500m. Since leaving Helphire in 2008, he has provided Finance Director services to a number of SME’s in the South West and South Wales. These have included start ups, distressed situations requiring restructuring and established growing businesses requiring improved systems, controls and strategic direction.

Andy Milnes

Andy Milnes has over 30 years experience in the Energy Sector having led commercial teams in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa for BP.  He has a proven track record in leading teams and developing market opportunities in emerged and emerging markets.  Since 2018 Andy has been providing support in strategic change, business development and leadership coaching to charitable institutions and commercial organisations.

These appointments bring with them a wealth of experience and commercial networks which will facilitate the growth and the development of the business.

How does it work? Watch a demonstration below