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FuelActive® is a robust yet flexible solution in dealing with fuel contamination which makes it suitable for a vast array of sectors. We have considerable experience of assisting clients across these sectors and helping them achieve their unique goals and ambitions.

Construction / Mining

Construction / Mining

Fuel contamination is a huge cost to the construction and mining industries. Frequent fuel filter changes are required in an attempt to avoid damage to expensive fuel line components such as fuel injectors and fuel pumps. FuelActive® reduces bottom line operational overheads by diminishing costs associated with controlling fuel contamination.

Please get in touch if you are affected by fuel contamination and we can discuss the best solution for your needs.

“Trucks fitted with FuelActive® were the only machines to continue operating when a batch of contaminated fuel was delivered to the mine site.”

Andrew Warren, Product support Manager, Komatsu, South America

“Filters often have to be changed with less than 200 operating hours. In the case of the FuelActive® fitted test unit operating at the same mine, we have seen filters last more than 1800 hours and, even then, they were removed before they were plugged.”

Steve Woods, VP Product Support, Komatsu

The difference in filter costs is obvious but the real advantage is in reduced downtime, improved reliability and improved production levels.

Steve Woods, VP Product Support, Komatsu Cummins Chile

“For Komatsu Chile and our clients, the installation of FuelActive® has proven to be an effective way of combating the global issue of fuel contamination in diesel powered machinery“

Jeffrey J. Dawes, President & CEO, Komatsu Cummins Chile

Some of the benefits of using FuelActive® include increased power, improved fuel economy and reduction in emissions

Regla María Lahera, Laboratorio S·O·S Santiago, Finning Chile S. A.

“Volvo CE GB is very happy to work together with the team at FuelActive® and we look forward to successful partnership for the future by making the option available for installation at our PDI centre in Immingham or retrospectively on site.“

Val Ledden, Managing Director Europe, Volvo Construction Equipment Ltd



With increasing fuel costs and decreasing margins it is imperative that vehicles are kept on the road and achieving the maximum kilometres per litre as possible. As modern engines run at increasingly high pressures it is now more important than ever that the cleanest achievable diesel is used to avoid blocked filters, damaged fuel pumps and injectors. For these reasons installing FuelActive® returns major benefits to the transport sector.

Please get in touch if you are affected by fuel contamination and we can discuss the best solution for your needs.

“After due consideration we have decided FuelActive® will be a significant value added not only to our end customers but to our service and the cases where we are accountable for the maintenance and repair of the vehicles on behalf of our customers.”

Steven G Foster, Managing Director, Sinotruk (Malaysia)



The occurrence of breakdowns during military operations can have fatal consequences. As 85% of breakdowns in diesel powered engines are caused by fuel contamination we believe using FuelActive® will bring a new level of reliability to military operations.

FuelActive® has worked with several Defence Forces around the world including the British and Indian Military. The effectiveness of using FuelActive® within the military arena has resulted in one of the world’s largest Defence Forces adopting FuelActive® in their vehicles, initially via a retrofit programme.

Lieutenant General Tim Evans, CB, CBE, DSO realised the value of FuelActive® from a military perspective and joined the FuelActive® board of directors in 2017. With Tim on board we are now well positioned to realise our full potential in this sector.

Power generation

Power generation

Fuel contamination within the power generation market is a cause of great cost and inefficiency. Frequent fuel filter changes are required in an attempt to avoid expensive damage to machine components such as fuel injectors and fuel pumps. This dated method of tackling fuel contamination is inefficient and ineffective. However, FuelActive® have looked to eradicate fuel contamination issues in this sector.

Please get in touch if you are affected by fuel contamination and we can discuss the best solution for your needs.

“Groundhog experience zero fuel contamination issues since installing FuelActive®.”

Dennis Hughes, MD, Grounghog

“We have found installing FuelActive® decreases the litres per hour [of diesel] consumed by our customers’ generators. This has resulted in a fuel consumption saving.”

Peter Brown, Chairman of Racanaa.

“Amcanu now fit FuelActive® as standard due to the improvements in reliability and performance it benefits our customers with. Fitting FuelActive® has proven to be an effective tool towards combating fuel contamination.”

Owain Davies, MD, Amcanu

“FuelActive® has proven to be totally effective in eliminating fuel filter blockages and engine failure due to fuel contamination, which has lowered company warranty costs. We are proud to be associated with FuelActive® and look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Dennis Hughes, MD, Genquip

“Since Liberty Guard implemented FuelActive® as a standard fit on all its Welfare Units, we have seen a dramatic reduction in fuel-related breakdowns in our products. We would recommend this product to anyone who needs fuel pick-up and equipment reliability out on-site” 

Tom Oliver, Engineering Manager, Liberty Guard UK Ltd



Engine failure as a result of fuel starvation is a detrimental consequence of fuel contamination. A marine craft suffering with fuel starvation during operations in restricted waters or heavy seas can have catastrophic consequences. Due to the high importance of contamination control in the marine sector the FuelActive® fuel pick-up unit has become a valuable component to marine vessels. Zodiac MILPRO have installed FuelActive® to their RHIBS and Amcanu now use FuelActive® in all their marine application builds.

FuelActive® is also now being used successfully in military marine applications in various regions of the world proving to increase the reliability of craft.

Please get in touch if you are affected by fuel contamination and we can discuss the best solution for your needs.

“Due to the enhanced integrity and reliability of the supply of diesel to the engine when we fitted and tested FuelActive®, Griffon Hoverwork will now be fitting the FuelActive® system in all their medium and large size overseas based craft”

Paul Irvine, Design Team Leader, Griffon Hoverwork



As is the case in most industries using diesel-powered equipment, fuel system integrity, filter life and engine life can be degraded significantly by the effects of fuel contamination. Installing FuelActive® can have a positive economic impact on bottom-line operational costs. Often agricultural machinery is critical to harvest crops within a definitive timeline, using FuelActive® is proven to increase machinery reliability and avoid untimely breakdowns.

Please get in touch if you are affected by fuel contamination and we can discuss the best solution for your needs.

“Since the installation of FuelActive®, we have seen a significant increase in the length of time we can keep our machines in production due to avoiding frequent filter changes, damaged fuel pumps and injectors. We can attest to FuelActive® delivering real results and securing remarkable financial savings.”

Huw Richards, Görrel Equipment Solutions

“FuelActive® provide a highly professional service and their experience and skill ensures our machines are in safe hands throughout the installation process. We have also required bespoke units to be created which FuelActive® have provided with ease.”

Mr Walters, Chairman, Walters Group


“92% cleaner diesel delivered compared to the conventional fuel pick-up system”
Sogefi Filters Independent Testing


“Zero Fuel contamination issues since installing FuelActive”

60 mins

Fitting can be completed within 60 minutes in most instances