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Reducing Diesel Contamination in Waste and Recycling

Diesel contamination accounts for approximately 80 per cent of equipment downtime or premature maintenance in the waste sector.

This global problem is affecting multiple types of machinery and vehicles across the waste and recycling sector.

Often remaining undetected, poor fuel quality, leading to fuel contamination drives up operating costs by increasing repair and maintenance, reducing uptime and eroding capital efficiency.

The patented FuelActive fuel pickup unit is a unique, innovative solution to the problem of fuel contamination in diesel engines. Unlike a standard fuel pickup pipe, the revolutionary FuelActive unit uses a floating pickup pipe that draws clean fuel from the top of the fuel level, thus avoiding the harmful contaminants that settle at the bottom of the tank.

Eliminating the harmful effects of diesel contamination

Unlike a standard fuel pickup pipe, the revolutionary FuelActive unit uses a dynamic floating pickup that draws clean fuel from the top of the fuel level, thus avoiding the harmful contaminants that settle at the bottom of the fuel tank. Well suited to the construction sector, FuelActive operates at all levels of fuel within the tank and is unaffected by agitation of the fuel in use.

Having the most effective filtration, which starts with a clean pickup method inside the fuel tank is vital to ensuring that diesel-powered engines operate at the highest level of efficiency. Even small amounts of contaminants such as water, solid particles and microbial growth can hamper or ruin the efficiency of an engines’ fuel injection system.

As the density of water is heavier than diesel (typically 15% – 20%), FuelActive works by placing the float in the optimum fuel strata and unlike a conventional pick up pipe, diffuses localised pressure around the float and thus avoids ingesting contaminates.

By sending cleaner fuel to the engine, FuelActive protects sensitive fuel system and engine components such as filters, fuel pumps and injectors from premature wear, allowing the engine to operate closer to factory emission and fuel economy levels for longer.

Find out how FuelActive has been helping our customers here.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

FuelActive is proven to reduce fuel consumption by 5%. Burning cleaner fuel increases the thermal efficiency of your engine, thus reducing fuel consumption.

Reduce harmful emissions

FuelActive is proven to reduce CO2 emissions by 5%. Burning cleaner fuel maintains factory-level emissions standards throughout the lifecycle of your engine.

End Fuel-related Breakdowns

Burning cleaner fuel preserves the engine’s fuel-injectors and prolongs the life expectancy of the diesel engines of your pump.

Reduce Component Replacements

Burning cleaner fuel increases the life expectancy of fuel injectors, fuel pumps and fuel filters when carrying large loads, in tough conditions.

Reduce Maintenance

Burning cleaner fuel avoids blocked fuel filters and damaged fuel pumps, which keeps costs down and your pump running.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Burning cleaner fuel reduces the cost of diesel engine maintenance while ending on-site fuel-related breakdowns and improving the overall driving performance of your pump.

Product Features

HGV Engine installation image Reduce fuel costs

Easy to fit

FuelActive can be installed on a range of machine across the waste sector. Installation is relatively non-intrusive and can normally take place while the tank remains on the machine. Fitting can be completed within 60 minutes in most instances.


Patented Design

FuelActive’s float design with built-in diffuser reduces localised pressure minimising the disturbance of contamination within the tank. The conventional fuel pick-up design creates a high-velocity disturbance in and around where contaminants settle (see red area).

Reduced Fuel Consumption and CO₂ emissions with FuelActive

Independently tested

Independent laboratory testing by Sogefi Filtration Ltd showed that the water/diesel separation efficiency of the FuelActive system exceeded 94 percent, compared with 2.3 percent for the conventional system – considerably reducing diesel contamination and the cause of fuel related breakdowns.

Installation Waste Sector Screener

Zero Maintenance

The FuelActive fuel pick-up pipe is a true fit-and-forget solution. The stainless steel baffle has an ultra-smooth interior to eliminate any friction. The hose is hydrocarbon resistant, protecting against modern-day fuel corrosion. Even the plastics are identical to today’s plastic fuel tanks.

FuelActive assembly, solving the issue of fuel contamination

Manufacturing excellence

FuelActive® is ISO 9001 accredited. Units are made up of steel and plastic components which are resistant to Hydrocarbon Fuels (Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene etc.) The product has been thoroughly tested in the field and independently tested by a TS16949 registered filter company.



Not confined to diesel. The physics that underpins FuelActive® functions remains true for other fuels such as petrol, kerosene, HVO etc.
FuelActive units are often made bespoke. Bottom feed units, units capable of delivering >4,000 litres of fuel per hour and units that are fitted to unconventionally-shaped fuel tanks make up a versatile range of products.

Counting the cost of fuel contamination?
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