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FuelActive prides itself on providing industry-leading product support to owners and operators of hydrocarbon-powered equipment and fuel-storage tanks around the world. We analyze the specific needs of our customers, then recommend the ideal solution to each fuel-contamination problem.

Our network of operations and distribution partners, located on virtually every continent, stands ready to support you with highly trained service technicians and an extensive product inventory. So, whether you need a FuelActive installation, same-day or next-day product availability, or even engineering services designed specifically for your operating needs, contact FuelActive for real peace of mind.

Technical Assistance: 02920 810061

Common Questions

  • What type of additional support do you offer?
    We're here to help, here's a list of services that we can provide to you:

    - Equipment Inspections, Surveys and Consultancy
    - Same and Next Day Product Availability
    - FuelActive installation
    - Managed Fleet Rollout Programmes – PDI/OEM
    - Installation Training (certified installers)
    - Engineering Services (designed to order)
    - Fuel Sampling and Tank Cleaning (partner services
  • Does FuelActive require any maintenance?
    No, with no wearing or consumable parts, FuelActive is a fit-and-forget technology, requiring no maintenance.

    The stainless steel baffle has an ultra-smooth interior to eliminate any friction. The hose is hydrocarbon resistant, protecting against modern-day fuel corrosion. Even the plastics are identical to today's plastic fuel tanks.
  • Does FuelActive come with a warranty?
    Yes, each FuelActive unit has been designed to outlast the piece of equipment it's fitted to, that's why we've placed a 5-year warranty on each unit.

  • Does it work at low fuel level?
    Yes, FuelActive is highly effective at low level owing to the unique float design and flow dynamics drawing the cleanest fuel from the top and sides rather than from the bottom of the fuel tank.
  • Is FuelActive easy to Install?
    Yes, FuelActive can be installed in as little as 30 minutes and we offer installation kits or a wide range of equipment from many of the worlds leading manufacturers.

Installation Guide

Download Pdf installation guide

Technical Specifications

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