FuelActive® Overview

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Our Method

The Situation

Today’s diesel engines are much less tolerant of fuel contaminants than older engines. Any contamination by water, sediment or other substance has a chance of causing permanent damage to the engine or fuel system if it gets into the engine.

Diesel tanks are vented and therefore draw in the outside atmosphere which will contaminate the fuel. Additionally, condensation, dirty fuel and bad housekeeping certifies fuel contamination as an unavoidable issue.

The Problem

Water is 15% heavier than diesel and therefore sinks to the bottom, as does sediment.
Despite this, the standard method of delivering diesel to the fuel-lines is to draw the fuel from the bottom of the tank. The issue of fuel contamination is addressed only after contamination has been drawn up through the fuel lines.

As displayed in the diagram below, fuel is drawn from the contaminant-heavy zone of the tank. Water separators and fuel filters are used thereafter in an attempt to clean the fuel.
This procedure is ineffective and fails to tackle the root of the problem.

Without fuelactive component
Standard pick-up pipes pick up fuel from the contaminant-heavy zone at the bottom of the fuel tank.

The Solution

Prevention not Cure
A completely new method of delivering fuel to the engine:
FuelActive® addresses the issue at its source. The revolutionary fuel pick-up unit utilises a floating pick-up pipe to draw fuel from the cleaner upper level of fuel, leaving water and sediment behind untouched.

1000% more water is delivered to the fuel lines through use of the standard pick-up pipe compared to the FuelActive fuel pick-up unit.*

This formula is used as our best practice in treating the needs of our clients although we appreciate the nuances of each individual case. Please get in touch if you are affected by fuel contamination and we can discuss the best solution for your needs.

With fuelactive
FuelActive units pick up the cleanest fuel available in the tank.