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FuelActive Distributor - Western Africa

FuelActive Distributor, Western Africa : Neemba

Covering 11 countries across West Africa, official CAT equipment distributor, Neemba will carry FuelActive as part of their parts supply chain.

Neemba has a clear focus on offering its customers the very latest ESG technologies and FuelActive is an important part of that strategy.

West Africa Coverage

Neemba will be a distributor of FuelActive through the network in 11 West African countries:

Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast
Guinea Bissau

Highest Levels of Service Excellence

FuelActive Distributor Neemba has been a CAT dealer for more than 90 years, although it only adopted the Neemba company name recently, having separated from the JA Delmas network. The name derives from Mount Nimba, one of the highest peak in West Africa, underlining the company’s drive to always offer customers the very highest level of service excellence.

Full Range of FuelActive Products

FuelActive will supply up to 20 different fuel pick-up systems, to suit a range of CAT motorgraders, rigid haul trucks, excavators and shovels, along with many of the US plant giant’s larger dozers. Additional systems will be added as required and FuelActive will also supply a range of products for Neemba’s broad range of Construction & power generation equipment.

FuelActive Distributor Contact Details

If you have any questions on FuelActive in Western Africa, you can reach the Neemba team at:

[email protected]

+ 230 489 2984


For more information on FuelActive within the mining sector please visit our Mining Sector Pages.