Komatsu Cummins PC350LC-8-Argentina

Company: Komatsu
Industry: Mining


A Komatsu Cummins PC350LC-8 excavating machine suffered catastrophic engine failure caused by fuel contamination on the jobsite. The cost of repairing the fuel filters and fuel injectors was $25,000. Worst of all, the excavator had failed during the first 1,000 hours of operation.


Komatsu Cummins reported that fuel filters often were becoming prematurely blocked after less than 250 hours of use. FuelActive fuel pick-up units were installed on the excavating machines on a trial basis. Trial analysis showed the excavators operated at optimal levels for 7,352 hours with no fuel-contamination issues over the next 49 months. Fuel filter usage hours also increased from 200 to 1,000 hours, and no further costly fuel-related repairs were required.


Komatsu Cummins no longer experienced fuel-contamination issues with its PC350LC-8 excavators.
The company has reduced maintenance costs, increased operating time and efficiency, and ended fuel-related breakdowns.

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