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Company: RentAir
Industry: Oil and Gas


In the challenging world of offshore operations, RentAir tasked the team with safeguarding assets deployed in challenging environments worldwide. With a focus on maintaining maximum uptime for its high capital value fleet, RentAir seeked innovative solutions to protect engine and fuel systems from premature wear. Moreover, the company is challenged to not only enhance operational efficiency but also align with environmental sustainability goals by assisting clients in reducing fuel consumption and minimizing CO2 emissions.


After implementing FuelActive units across a range of deep and shallow fuel tanks, RentAir witnessed significant improvements in asset protection and operational efficiency. The versatility of FuelActive units, tailored to suit various tank depths, ensured comprehensive coverage across RentAir's fleet, enhancing engine and fuel system longevity while minimizing downtime.

The quick and straightforward installation process carried out at RentAir's Aberdeen workshop facility streamlined deployment, minimizing disruptions to ongoing operations. Furthermore, the adaptability of FuelActive units proved invaluable across both offshore and onshore diesel-powered equipment, including generators, air compressors, steam boilers, and nitrogen systems, catering to a wide array of applications throughout exploration, operations, construction, and decommissioning activities.

This successful case study highlights the effectiveness of FuelActive in meeting RentAir's asset protection and operational optimization objectives across diverse operational environments.


Based on 12-months of zero reported failures Rentair is now fitting FuelActive to a range of air compressors carrying CAT engines.

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