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Run Clean, Drive Savings

What is Fuelactive?

The patented FuelActive unit is a unique, innovative solution to the problem of fuel contamination in diesel engines. Its revolutionary pickup unit uses a floating pickup pipe that draws clean fuel from the top of the tank, thus avoiding the harmful contaminants that settle at the bottom.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Burning cleaner fuel reduces the cost of diesel engine maintenance while ending fuel-related breakdowns and improving the overall performance of your diesel engines.

Reduce Maintenance

Burning cleaner fuel avoids blocked fuel filters and damaged fuel pumps, which reduce engine downtime and maintenance costs.

Reduce Component Replacements

Burning cleaner fuel increases the life expectancy of fuel injectors, fuel pumps and fuel filters.

Reduce harmful emissions

Burning cleaner fuel enables diesel engines to emit lower levels of carbon dioxide.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Burning cleaner fuel improves fuel efficiency, which means you get more and better performance from every gallon.

End Fuel-related Breakdowns

Burning cleaner fuel preserves the engine’s fuel-injectors and prolongs the life expectancy of your diesel engines.

Product Features


Easy to fit

Our skilled technicians can install the unique FuelActive unit in less than an hour. Installation is relatively simple. It can be accomplished with or without removing the fuel tank from the machine. By simply replacing the fuel pickup pipe, we vastly improve the process of feeding uncontaminated fuel to the engine.

Watch a typical installation here


FuelActive works in virtually all environments, from the sub-zero slopes of the Himalayas to the desert dunes of the sub-Sahara region. It operates efficiently in extreme temperatures and virtually all regions. FuelActive units deliver 4,000 litres of diesel fuel an hour and meet the highly agitated demands of an inshore speed boat.

Manufacturing Excellence

FuelActive is manufactured to very high standards. It is ISO 9001-accredited. Its steel and plastic components were chosen because they resist hydrocarbon fuels—diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene and more. It has undergone thorough field tests and has been independently tested by a TS16949-registered filter company.
Groundhog tank

Zero maintenance

The FuelActive unit requires zero maintenance after installation. Contamination accumulating at the bottom of the fuel tank is removed during planned maintenance procedures.
Reduce Engine Contamination


FuelActive components withstand the daily demands of a wide range of fuels, including petrol, kerosene, adBlue and more. In addition to fitting standard fuel tanks, FuelActive units are extremely versatile. They can be designed to work in unconventionally shaped fuel tanks.

Value for money

Fuelactive not only reduces long term costs but also reduces everyday operating costs meaning the unit more than pays for itself across the life span of the unit.

Common Questions

  • Will I ever need to replace FuelActive?
    FuelActive is a “fit and forget" solution that does not require replacing. Periodic (annual) inspection is recommended to ensure the integrity of the unit has not been compromised in any way.
  • Will FuelActive only work in diesel engines?
    FuelActive works effectively in hydrocarbon fuels including diesel, petrol and aviation fuel. Using FuelActive delivers benefits anywhere where there is a threat of fuel contamination interrupting operations.
  • How much maintenance does FuelActive require?
    One of the best features of the FuelActive unit is that it requires no maintenance after installation. In addition, our technicians remove contamination that accumulates at the bottom of the fuel tank during planned maintenance procedures.
  • Is FuelActive Easy to Fit?
    It requires minimal time to install a FuelActive unit, and it’s a non-intrusive process. Once the FuelActive unit is installed simply redirect the fuel feed to our patented unit. In most instances, a complete replacement fitting can be finished in less than an hour.

    Watch a typical installation here
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