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Genny Hire latest to join the FuelActive team

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Genny Hire has recently joined the ranks of companies adopting FuelActive’s innovative system, which is designed to prevent the use of contaminated fuel in machinery by fitting it inside diesel tanks.

Located in Kintore, to the northwest of Aberdeen, Genny Hire specializes in renting power generation equipment. Initially, they are equipping six FuelActive units in their fleet, specifically targeting larger generators above 500kVA and fuel storage tanks. The plan is to extend the installation to other equipment in the future.

Lorna Clark, Director of Genny Hire, highlighted the challenge of managing fuel quality at remote locations where their generators operate for extended periods, sometimes lasting months or even years.

“The FuelActive system gives another level of protection if there should be contaminants present such as water, particles or bacteria. It will help reduce costs, prevent damage and improve reliability on site which is always our number one priority,”

Following the installation of the FuelActive units Matthew Hide, the UK & Ireland Sales Manager at FuelActive, said “There has been considerable interest shown by numerous rental companies, particularly in the power generation and pumping sectors, when pumps and generators are operating in remote environments companies are looking to maintain a level.”

As FuelActive is a system that necessitates no regular maintenance, it’s the perfect fit for the power generation industry. Any contamination and water are drained from the tank’s bottom during routine machine inspections and servicing. The system comes with a five-year warranty and has undergone extensive testing on a wide range of equipment, exhibiting fuel flow rates of up to 4,000 litres per hour.

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