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The tradeshow season makes a u-turn to the transportation sector.

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The FuelActive tradeshow season took a u-turn towards the transportation sector with 2 shows within the space of a week.

The event of the week was Road Transport Expo which took place in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. The first of its kind, it welcomed thousands of attendees and over 170 trade exhibitors.

The expo, self-dubbed “The one-stop industry event that’s all about the truck and everything related to it” was a chance for FuelActive to reach an audience to promote the recent successes with a number of haulage and coach operators.  The FuelActive demo tank once again caught the eye of the showgoers, with many stopping to watch the clear impact of the FuelActive pick-up pipe vs the conventional pick-up pipe. It proved its worth once again, securing many leads and capturing the imagination of many a fleet manager who stopped to quiz the sales team.

Demonstrating the new brand messaging, “Save Fuel, Save the Planet” along with the 5% fuel and CO₂ saving byline resonated with the audience who are not only challenged by the recent rise in fuel costs but also by the aggressive challenge to reduce emissions.

On a smaller, more targeted scale, the sales team were once again on the road the following week, this time at OWL Live. The Optimised Waste and Logistics event featured a much smaller audience from the Waste Logistics industry many of whom were key decision makers. The show centred around the use of alternative fuel sources with a clear message that there is no short-term infrastructure solution to support a quick transition. FuelActive’s immediate solution to tackling CO₂ reductions certainly grabbed the attention, proving the impact that FuelActive can have on the market today.

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