CAT Finning RG1600 – Field Trial

Simple design, significant results

Caterpillar are the global #1 manufacturer of Plant & Equipment and are recognised name across the globe for the manufacture of a comprehensive range of equipment for the Construction, Mining, Material Handling, Power Generation, Demolition, Marine, Transport and Power Generation sectors.

CAT had some highly challenging circumstances with the Andina Mine, situated deep inside a mountain at altitude in Chile, where the operation of diesel-powered equipment underground can have a significant impact on emissions within the mine and cause operational issues when equipment fails with the tunnel network

Machines were constantly failing due to premature fuel filter blockage causing major operational problems and increasing Health and Safety risks.

The local mine operator, Codelco and Finning, the CAT dealer in the region, commissioned the installation of FuelActive to be installed into a CAT RG1600 underground mining machine in an effort to improve reliability of the equipment.

Using FuelActive, the life of the fuel filter was extended by more than 2X, with improved fuel economy, lowered emissions and increased power on the machines involved.

The Field Test was carried out in conjunction with a 12-month laboratory test by the Finning Laboratory in Santiago.  Laboratory findings were consistent with the field tests and demonstrated that in a like-for-like situation, c. 1,000% more contamination is fed to the injectors when not using FuelActive.