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Driftrunner Utility Mining Vehicle

Company: PPK Mining Equipment
Industry: Mining


When a Tier 1 coal mining customer came to our Australian distributor CCD Group with problems with their Driftrunner utility mining vehicle we were only happy to help.

Owing to the position of the low fuel cap (often being submerged in transit) as well as operating in damp, dusty underground conditions, their PPK Mining Equipment vehicles were prone to breakdowns due to issues with contaminated fuel. Unfortunately, the size and positioning of the tanks meant we couldn't fit one of our standard units - queue the collaboration with our engineering team.


By obtaining engineering drawings of the tank, we were able to produce a side-mounted unit that still allowed the patented float technology to draw the cleanest fuel from just below the fuel line avoiding the contaminants sitting at the base of the tank.

Utility Mining Vehicle - Engineered Solutions

The team got to work on installing on their first unit and after a number of hours working in the mines it as soon identified as the perfect solution to the long-standing issue.


It's proven to be a successful collaboration. Uptime for the Driftrunner is at its highest levels and an agreement has been reached with the OEM to fit FuelActive on new and rebuilt machines.

You can learn more about FuelActive in mining here.

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