Addressing fuel contamination for Komatsu

Simple design, significant results

Anytime your machines are not operational and suffering any degree of downtime, you as a business are losing efficiency. FuelActive® seeks to eliminate this concern by addressing the causes of fuel-related machine breakdowns.


Komatsu are a company considered to be industry leaders in the field of construction and mining equipment. With this reputation comes a desire to maintain high quality output at maximum efficiency. Machine reliability is key, including the desire to prevent fuel from becoming contaminated which accounts for 85% of fuel-related breakdowns.

Below are some of the ways FuelActive® prevents potential problems:

Eradicate Fuel Related Breakdowns

Two Komatsu ADT HM400-2’s were fitted with FuelActive® and have worked for over 6,500 hours in an extremely remote mine in Argentina.

These two pieces of equipment were the only trucks to continue operating in the mine when a batch of contaminated fuel was detected to arrive at the mine site. All the other equipment which was not fitted with FA had stopped due to contaminated fuel systems with water. The HM400´s with FuelActive® installed continued to work.

Reduce Machine Downtime And Maintenance

FuelActive®’s ability to increase productivity was displayed when installed into a problematic Komatsu PC350 in an Argentinian mine.

During the first 988 hours of machine life, Komatsu PC350LC-8 S/N B10132 suffered damage to two sets of fuel injectors and fuel pump. The damage caused by fuel contamination amounted to US $25,000.

FuelActive was subsequently installed. The next ‘low pressure rail code’ occurred more than 4 years after the installation (7,352 hours of operation) and the fuel filters need changing.

Reduce Component Replacements

FuelActive® ensures that clean fuel is presented to the fuel lines. The need for frequent fuel filter changes is therefore immediately reduced. The level of contamination that reaches fuel injectors and pumps is reduced to a minimum, meaning these components are subjected to less ‘wear and tear’ damage. The lifespan of these components as well as the lifespan of the whole machine is extended as a result.


Client quote:

“As a measurement of the systems’ effectiveness we monitored fuel filter life on the test units and we saw remarkable results. In one mine where there is a particular fuel quality issue; filers often have to be changed with less than 200 operation hours. In the case of the FuelActive fitted test unit operating at the same mine, we have seen filters last more than 1800 hours and, even then, they were removed before they plugged. This represents a huge cost advantage for us and our clients.

The difference in filter cost is obvious but the real advantage is in reduced downtime, improved reliability and improved production levels. We fully expect to see a further cost reduction in engine operating costs due to an increase in the lifetime of fuel system components.

We fully investigated the condition of a test unit after around 4,000 accumulated operating hours. We found the unit to be in good general condition and we believe that it will achieve years of reliable and trouble free operation.”

Steve Woods, VP Product Support, Komatsu Cummins Chile