Komatsu Cummins/Yamana Gold Inc.

Company: Komatsu
Industry: Mining


Operations at the Gualcamayo gold mine in Argentina, operated by Yamana Gold Inc., were being disrupted by diesel fuel contamination caused by premature fuel-filter blockage in their Komatsu HM 400 truck. Fuel filters were becoming blocked after less than 250 hours of use.


FuelActive installed its FuelActive fuel pick-up units in two Komatsu HM 400 vehicles at the mine on a trial basis. Analysis of the trial showed both machines returning to optimal performance levels without any fuel-contamination issues. In addition, the FuelActive unit vastly improved each machine’s fuel filter usage hours from 200 hours to 1,000 hours, a fourfold increase.


Komatsu Cummins’s client, Yamana Gold, no longer experiences fuel contamination issues once FuelActive was installed.
The mine operator has lowered maintenance costs, increased operating time and efficiency, and ended fuel-related breakdowns.
Owing to the reduced downtime FuelActive continues to collaborate with Komatsu Cummins on fuel system protection projects across its broad range of equipment.

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