Simple design, significant results

Optimising engine performance for Amcanu

    Fuel contamination is the most common cause of reliability issues for diesel pumps and generators so Amcanu partnered with FuelActive® to develop an integrated fuel management solution for their enclosures to maintain the optimum performance of industrial equipment. Amcanu specialise in building world-class industrial enclosures and technology cabinets, designed for effective sound attenuation and to maintain … Continued

Reducing breakdown call outs for Groundhog

Here at FuelActive® we pride ourselves on our proven track record of minimising issues pertaining to fuel contamination.  By utilising FuelActive®, Groundhog have felt the real benefit of keeping their welfare units free of contamination problems.   Groundhog are the world’s leading mobile and static welfare accommodation manufacturer.  They were probably the first company to … Continued

Improving fuel efficiency for Racanaa

For any business, working to maximum efficiency has to be a primary aim. We all want to make the very most of what we can achieve and that is certainly true as to fuel consumption.   In working with Racanaa and their engine systems we at FuelActive wanted to ensure that fuel contamination was being … Continued

Addressing fuel contamination for Komatsu

Anytime your machines are not operational and suffering any degree of downtime, you as a business are losing efficiency. FuelActive® seeks to eliminate this concern by addressing the causes of fuel-related machine breakdowns.   Komatsu are a company considered to be industry leaders in the field of construction and mining equipment. With this reputation comes … Continued